My Favourite Instagram posts

I love Instagram, somehow It is one of my favourite apps, I love photography though I ain’t a photographer 😛 but like every amateur I love to take pictures and there is nothing better like Instagram to show your love. So here I present some of my most favourite Insta pics.

Starting with this old sketch of Catwoman (Halle Berry) I made long back. This happens to be one of my most favourite digital sketch I made long back. I remember I had put in a lot of effort though It hardly came out the way I wanted. Still for the zeal I took in participating in the making of this creation. It remained close to my heart.

#throwback remembering an old digital sketch being one of ma favourites 💖

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If you have a garden, and the top of it…if you got roses then you could understand the meaning of heaven. Yes ! wake up in the morning at 6:30 am and take a look at that garden and you would realize what does heaven really mean ! These roses..all of them are so enigmatic that it’s very hard to capture the effect in pictures. However I tried taking some and made up this collage. It looked cool though nothing close what it should like in real.

This is what true heaven looks like in your garden

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Saturdays are meant for fun and when your brother joins the fun, it’s certainly feels amazing. I had the best time here at Cafe Coffee Day, Marris Road in Aligarh. This was the day where I enjoyed a couple of drinks which I usually avoid. After that we hit off to bar for some more fun but the moments spent here with friends were simply awesome.

Fighting over #mocktail, who's mocking each other's tail?

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I don’t need to tell why I put this here…The expressions will tell you all by themselves. Again accompanied by my brother #Childhood #memories

Some #memories leave such an impact that can't be #forgotten

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Blossom Short Film Festival, The first film festival I conducted on my own, It was one hell of an amazing experience I can never forget.

My first trip in mumbai was on flight. but the experience in mumbai local trains was sheer magic

If you look at it, you would know by your own why I put this here 🙂

Aww..mother and son makes up for a cute selfie

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That’s all for you. There are many moments to share….and many stories to tell..Stay and keep up with the flow 🙂

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