Life on the Road – Timelapse Project


Hello people, I am back again…this time to talk about my another project that received appreciation in a time lapse competition. The project was conducted by a Chinese Company that deals with cameras The website organized a competition using time lapse technique and make a video under 3 minutes. Topic was of free subject. 

When I was invited to participate in the competition, I was already out of time. I didn’t know what to come up with basically. I tried various things but it didn’t work. At this time I was in Delhi for some assignment and this was a project I was too keen to participate on. I took a chance. It struck me that I should cover the life of people on road in time – lapse. This would possibly the easiest thing I could fill up because like I said I was running out of time.

But nothing is ‘easy’. Considering the city’s high temperature and ridiculously soaring heat, It’s awful to stand besides roads and shoot a particular video. I called up my two team mates who work with me partially in Video Projects. They are quite dependable especially when they are needed the most. So We, a trio, altogether decided to cover up the streets of New Delhi.

We finished the shoot in nearly 5 hours and by that time we all were damn exhausted. Now comes the editing part. It was the most challenging thing to do. Because at that time I didn’t have any device to work on. I left my laptop and other things back home while travelling to Delhi. I had to use my brother’s lappy which was already sort of damaged.

Only I know how I managed to complete the project on that. But at the end, this is the story of every artist, we are always surrounded with challenges. After that I submitted my project to My team mates did a very good job by promoting the video and spreading the word online.

Frankly, We were out of time and we didn’t expect anything in the competition. Still this was something we thoroughly enjoyed. There were a number of entries and some of them were exceptional. You would definitely be awestruck to witness the effort people from all over the world put in their videos. It’s incredible. 

But it seems like we were blessed by destiny. In a few days, our video fetched an encouraging response online and we were racing towards higher levels. We made in Top 10 soon. Woohoo ! That was exciting. By the time the contest ended, We achieved what we didn’t expect. Reaching Top 10 was our mission but we made in Top 6. That was the best award that we could have ever imagined. This project shall always remain special and close to my heart as it involved literary very few resources and tools. 

Watch the Video here

Here is the Snapshot of Top 10 Films. Apologies for low quality. The Website has taken down the contest details and all unfortunately.






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