Thank you all !

A Special Post dedicated to all Special People.
Last night met a gentleman whom I didn’t know but came to congratulate me on an anonymous basis and expressed his desire to work with me. It made me felt really good and that’s when I realized that all these years I have met so many people that too forwarded their requests upon working with me. It always makes me feel amazing and motivated. And that feeling pushed me to make a special post for all those people.
We’r always being so occupied and involved in our work that we almost forget about taking time to serve the honors but it should be done once in a while 🙂 I have been so fortunate enough that people from walks of Industry where it’s Actors, Animators, Anchors, Models, Movie Directors, Theatre Artists, Technicians, Photographers, Editors, VFX artists, Voiceover Anchors almost from every department have approached me and that’s something really generous.
Unfortunately, due to being involved in my own things, one project after another. I haven’t been able to find time to work with however that certainly does not mean that I don’t want to. I would love to work with each and everyone that has approached me online or in the real world. I have been looking for an Idea, an Independent project where one day we all can do our bit and the best part is every department of entertainment sector can be involved 😀.
If its feels really good in meeting new faces, It’s also refreshing discovering new talents online. I appreciate the brooding young talent and admire all of you despite not knowing you all personally.

I wish each and everyone of you huge success in your careers. Stay Blessed and Never Give Up 🙂

Happy Dusshera to all !




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